Langley Brown

Collages (prints) at Legacy2, Manchester School of Art, 2018

My work ranges from the figurative to pure abstraction. Media include acrylic, photomontage & collage, pen & ink, and construction. I owe a big debt to surrealism.
The centrepiece of my contribution to this show is a series of recent giclĂ©e prints of collages I made during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Thes prints were shown in the 2018 Legacy 2 exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University, where they were described by Clive Parkinson, Director of Arts for Health, as ‘ace and timeless and very, very beautiful’.

‘Birdrise’ Fine art print form original collage

‘Pigeon tower’ artwork for the Pinstripe Pigeon Band

‘Beer’ Artwork for the Pinstripe Pigeon Band

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