Nicola Thompson

The last 17 years have been all about glass, beginning with a BA in Glass and Surface Pattern in 2001, followed by an MA in Ceramics and Glass in 2012 and a wonderful time exhibiting and selling in the lovely Gallerie Attalier in Chinon France with Madame Nelly Devant and here from my Studio at Warton Hall, with exhibitions in local galleries.
Research and preparation for of all my art involves drawing, especially portraits and carving sculptures in stone. The most recent sculptures are also now cast in bronze. Over the last two years more and more of my time has been devoted to carving sculptures. My first sculpture, carved in stone in 2010 was made into bronze in 2017 followed by many others and I continue to make new pieces. This developmental change of direction in my work has charged my imagination and given me the opportunity of working with different materials and other craftsmen, complemented with a love of writing, studying philosophy and practising meditation.
The principal subject of my sculptures is the human figure with its delightful variety of form and expression. Drawn from my life drawings and photographs I have taken whilst travelling around the world.
I meditate, I listen to the silence within and without. I imagine gods and mythical beings, with metamorphosis of the animal and human forms. Botanical forms and trees too have their own symbolic significance in the glass work and sculptures. Nature is often the source of my ideas, others arise from the abstract ideas and spatial relations, line and texture, seen in the moment, in the mood of the day.
Man’s relations with the divine, holy symbols, a spiritual universe become an expression of my unconscious mind, represented in the narratives, my own private experiences and expressing my own attitudes and beliefs.


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